Northern Eurasia Land Surface Hydrology:
Moving Towards a Synthesis

From December 4th through December 6th, 2006, a workshop was held at Princeton University in order to bring together collaborators on three projects dealing with land surface hydrology in Northern Eurasia (the NEESPI domain). These projects deal with different aspects of land surface hydrology and carbon cycling:

  • An integrated understanding of the terrestrial water and energy cycles across the NEESPI domain through observations and modeling (NEESPI)

  • Diagnosis and prognosis of effects of changes in lake and wetland extent on the regional carbon balance of northern Eurasia (NEESPI)

  • Collaborative research: Understanding change in the climate and hydrology of the Arctic land region, synthesizing the results of the ARCSS Fresh Water Initiative Projectsi (NSF)

  • Participants spent the three day workshop laying out the future directions of the three projects. We explored areas of overlap between projects as well as available data sources and models. By the end of the workshop, research plans for the various projects had been worked out, with possible collaborations between the projects noted.