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NLDAS VIC Soils Data

This page shows a number of input datasets used in the VIC-NLDAS modelling. All datasets can be viewed as maps and selected datasets can be downloaded in ARC ASCII raster format.



Soil Depth (layer 1)

Soil Depth (layer 2)

Soil Depth (layer 3)

Soil Porosity (layer 1)

Soil Porosity (layer 2)

Soil Porosity (layer 3)

Soil bulk density (layer 1)

Soil bulk density (layer 2)

Soil bulk density (layer 3)

Soil soil density (layer 1)

Soil soil density (layer 2)

Soil soil density (layer 3)

Soil wilting point (layer 1)

Soil wilting point (layer 2)

Soil wilting point (layer 3)

Soil saturated conductivity (layer 1)

Soil saturated conductivity (layer 2)

Soil saturated conductivity (layer 3)

Soil residual moisture (layer 1)

Soil residual moisture (layer 2)

Soil residual moisture (layer 3)

Soil Average Temperature (lower BC)