Terrestrial Hydrology Research Group

Princeton University

Research Interest

  • Representation of the spatial variability of hydrologic variables in land surface models.
  • High resolution land surface modeling.
  • Data assimilation of remote sensing, model output and in-situ observations.

Current Research

  • Development of a drought monitor over Africa for use at AGRHYMET in Niger.
  • Calibration of the VIC land surface model using spatially disaggregated runoff fields obtained from GRDC stream gauges.
  • Assess the uncertainty of estimating the spatial mean of a soil moisture field from soil moisture probes using the TOPLATS land surface model.


  • Ph.D. student, 2010-Present
    Princeton University, Princeton, NJ
  • Earth and Planetary Science, B.A., 2010
    U.C. Berkeley, Berkeley, CA
  • Applied Mathematics, B.A., 2010
    U.C. Berkeley, Berkeley, CA

Nathaniel Chaney

Email: nchaney@princeton.edu
Phone: (609-356-3744)

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