Terrestrial Hydrology Research Group

Princeton University


  • B.A.Sc.(Hons), 1970, Civil Engineering, University of British Columbia, Canada
  • S.M., 1972, Civil Engineering, MIT
  • C.E., 1973, Civil Engineering, MIT
  • Sc.D., 1974, Civil Engineering, MIT

Areas of Interest

Primary interests are in hydroclimatology with emphasis on land-atmosphere interactions and hydrologic impacts from climate change. Estimation of the terrestrial moisture and energy budgets, the quantitative application of remote sensing to terrestrial hydrology and the detection and hydrologic impact of climate change are the primary areas of currect research. Stochastic hydrology, hydrologic forecasting and rainfall-runoff modeling, environmental data analysis and experimental design, are the other interests.

Prof. Eric F. Wood

Email: efwood@princeton.edu
Phone: (609) 258 4675
Fax: (609) 258 1270

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