Terrestrial Hydrology Research Group

Princeton University

Current Research

  • Development of methods to study changes in frequency and severity of precipitation and temperature based Extreme Events
  • Enhancement of numerical model performance for soil moisture by implementing better parameterization
  • Analyses of skills of a wide range of precipitation datasets in detecting and characterizing drought events
  • Water budget study using land surface-atmosphere models and various sources of observations
  • Validation of various soil moisture and temperature datasets

Research Interest

  • Hydrology modeling for Flood, Drought and Water management, Precipitation and Temperature based Extreme Event Analyses, Global Energy and Water Cycle, Satellite applications for hydrology, Hydrometeorology, Land use and land cover change, Carbon Assimilation


  • 2008: Doctor of Philosophy in Computational Sciences (George Mason University, USA)
  • 2006: Master of Science in Computational Sc. (George Mason University, USA)
  • 2001: Master of Technology in Civil Engg. (I.I.T. Kanpur, India)
  • 1999: Master of Science in Earth Sciences (I.I.T. Roorkee, India)
  • 1997: Bachelor of Science in Geology Major (Khallikote College, India)

Dr. Alok Sahoo

Email: sahoo@princeton.edu
Phone: (609) 258 5426

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