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Model Download

This page is for downloading the code for the TOPLATS model. Model code can be downloaded as a compressed tar file which contains the model source code, sample data sets and instructions on how to install, compile and run the model. Read the Installation instructions below and then click on a model to download it:

Download TOPLATS

The VIC model can be downloaded from the VIC home page at the University of Washington.


Once you have downloaded the model tar file, you must uncompress and unpack the data as follows:

  1. choose and create a directory where the model will be put, e.g.:
    and move the model tar file into this directory.
  2. cd into the model directory and uncompress the file:
    gunzip toplats-3.1.tar.gz
  3. then un-pack the file:
    tar xvf toplats-3.1.tar

Here's what you should now find in the model directory:

./README        the readme file

Running the Model

Read the README file completely. It contains instructions on how to compile and run the model with the sample data sets.

Flood in Australia.

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