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With Great Sadness

November 3, 2021 -- Today we received the sad news that Eric Wood died last night, after three years fighting cancer. Eric Franklin Wood was the Susan Dod Brown Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering. He was born in Vancouver, Canada in 1947. He joined Princeton's faculty in 1976. He transferred to emeritus status in 2019. Prof. Wood led the Terrestrial Hydrology Research Group, which investigated land-atmosphere interactions for climate models and for water resource management. Eric Wood will always be known for the enormous impact he had on the field of hydrology through his professional service to the global scientific community and through his mentoring of graduate students, who have gone on to have successful careers in academia, research and engineering practice.
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Welcome to the home page of the Terrestrial Hydrology Research Group in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Princeton University. Our research includes land surface - atmosphere interactions for climate models and watershed models; impacts of climate change on hydrologic and water resource systems; and remote sensing of hydrologic systems. This web site describes our current research projects, the people in our research group, the models and the data that we use, our recent publications and our resources.

For general information on the Graduate Program in Hydrology please visit the web site of Environmental Engineering and Water Resources and the web site of Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering. For other general information on the program contact cee@princeton.edu.


2016 Wood Symposium

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