Terrestrial Hydrology Research Group

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Ensemble Meteorological Forcing Dataset for the Southeast U.S.

Data Access

The dataset is freely available but we ask that you leave a few details about yourself and how you intend to use the dataset. Also, please cite the references below if you use the data. Data for 1981-1999 are available.

  • ESP-based: Forcing generated with the extended streamflow prediction method, a random sampling of the historical forcing dataset.
  • CFS-based: Forcing generated selected historical forcing and adjusted to match the posterior distribution of the Bayesian merging of CFS forecast with observed climatology.

The data format is binary Little-Endian, 4-bytes float for each grid.

Luo, L., E. F. Wood, and M. Pan (2007), Bayesian merging of multiple climate model forecasts for seasonal hydrological predictions,J. Geophys. Res.,112, D10102, doi:10.1029/2006JD007655.

Luo, L., and E. F. Wood, Seasonal Hydrologic Prediction with the VIC Hydrologic Model for the Ohio River Basin. in preparation for J. Hydromet.

Luo, L., and E. F. Wood, Monitoring and Prediction of the 2007 U.S Drought. in preparation for Geophy. Res. Letter.


Aug 11 2008
The observation data inside the dataset has been fixed. The forcing files were also regenerated with a slightly modified approach which should have a better handle on the ensemble spread.

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